Alyssa helpfully reminded me that I should seek out the bootleg sites and I did message some people but I figured I may as well pop into the tags


if you or someone you know has a nice NPH Hedwig bootleg that they wouldn’t mind sending my way in exchange for something/some dollars, hmuuuuuu (I don’t have any to trade, sorry!)

or if you know what sites to go on because I’m looking for them but I am 100% noob fyi

I just need more NPH ok

Bombshell eyes & lips to complement my beloved @HedwigonBway shirt. (I chickened out on all that glitter.) #hedwig #nph #selfie #ginger #redlip

Bombshell eyes & lips to complement my beloved @HedwigonBway shirt. (I chickened out on all that glitter.) #hedwig #nph #selfie #ginger #redlip

Okay, maybe they didn’t stage door yesterday, but Lena Hall favorited my tweet at her and NPH so that’s nice. <3 <3 <3

Okay, maybe they didn’t stage door yesterday, but Lena Hall favorited my tweet at her and NPH so that’s nice. <3 <3 <3

Survey! :3

I was tagged by luponista!

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My questions are:

1. Do you like reading and what’s your favorite genre?

I do! It’s my favorite thing TO do. I’ll read pretty much anything, but I guess I’d say Literary Fiction? To me, those are BOOK books. But I especially love literary fiction that isn’t afraid to borrow from “genre” fiction, with fantasy or sci-fi elements. I don’t like mystery novels unless they’re Agatha Christie and I don’t like the James-Patterson-CSI-type novels, but I read a LOT.

2. How do you think fandom has shaped your life?

It’s almost hard to describe, since fandom has been a big part of my life for pretty much my WHOLE life? Star Wars and LOTR were my first real capital-F Fandoms, and I loved being part of a community and reading fanfiction and obsessing over costuming and cosplay details.

3. If you think about your favorite characters (I’ll wait), do you think you have a “type”?

Oh god I have so many

Vince says he can always tell who my favorite character is going to be because it’s going to be the dude character I describe most often as “adorable.” My standards for “adorable” are a little wonky because I especially like characters that are kind of cocky jerks but are squishy on the inside like Barney Stinson and oh god NPH. Like, Tony Stark is funny and great, but he’s not my favorite avenger, you know? And I LOVE Tom Hiddleston IRL but never hopped on the Loki train. I like Steve or Thor because they’re cute and funny. On HIMYM, Ted and Barney are both douchey, but Ted is pretentious-nice-guy-douchey down to his core. Barney is douchey and funny but still gives me FEELS. You know? It’s hard to explain.

In terms of ladies, I have different standards, cause it’s harder to find female characters that I like, that were well written, & I feel were done justice to. I loved Robin Scherbatsky up until the Finale That Didn’t Happen. I love Pam Beesly. I like Black Widow and only like her more as we see more of her. I like the GoT Stark girls and Dany. I don’t like the LOTR ladies because Tolkien, while I love him, was shit at characterizing women (Galadriel doesn’t count).

4. Same as three but for actors/actresses.

Lanky dudes + brown sex hair + quirky eyebrows + big ol puppy dog eyes gets me errrrrrrr time






Wanna know how much this is my type? Picture of boyfriend (who is not usually so scruffy) and me for reference:


I…….. might have a problem.

Alternatively, adorable superhero blondes with muscles that are super loyal and noble but also sometimes confused





5. Everyone talks to their pets. Do you own it or do you deny you do this? (know that we all know you’re lying if you say you don’t.)

I do. I don’t have a dog anymore, but when I did I would sing to her if I was home alone. Sometimes real songs, sometimes I would just narrate what I was doing or sing puppy-nonsense at her.

6. Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?

LOTR. (Sorry, y’all, I missed the Hogwarts express as a kid. I like it well enough, but it’ll never be in my blood like LOTR. Also, Tolkien 5ever.)

7. Who’s your favorite fandom sidekick?

And Barney is my favorite wingman.

8. Console, handheld, or PC? (If you don’t game, why not? Seriously. What are you doing? And I’m counting FB games as handheld if you play from your phone and PC if you play on your laptop.)

Console! I just finished the first Kingdom Hearts. :3 I’m kind of starting to play Skyrim (I really like my character), but it’s not my favorite. I’m really just killing time until the final mix of KH2 comes out this fall. (I started playing KH1 on PS2, but the shitty camera drove me insane, so we switched over to the final mix to preserve my sanity.)

9. Snickers or Milky Way?

Milky Way!

10. If you could do anything in the world (career-wise), what would it be and why? Is this the same dream you had as a child?

If I could do ANYTHING, I’m not sure what I’d pick; travel reviewer (one of those people they pay to travel around and try out hotels and restaurants and things)? If that job still exists. Or, an actress. I love acting but never really had a chance to do it, not even in high school since I was a homeschooled weirdo. BUT, more practically, I wanna be an English professor. Preferably tenured somewhere near a beach with my own office, but hey, why not dream big? I do write, so being a full-time novelist would be the bomb, but that’s even LESS practical in terms of feeding a family than an English degree, so I’m planning to write on the side if I can manage it.

When I was a kid, I remember wanting to be a librarian, just because I said I wanted to read for a living so grown-ups told me I should be a librarian. (Except once I grew older I realized that librarians are often/usually a customer service position, so NO.) For a brief period of time I thought I should be a marine biologist because I LOVE the ocean, but that only lasted til I realized I hate science. Like, a lot. So far, I’ve spent six years in college, and I’m feeling pretty confident that English Prof is the life for me, if I can manage it.

11. If you could plan your job around your sleep schedule, would you be an early riser or a night owl?

Maybe a night owl? I go to bed early nowadays, but that’s because I start work at 8am. I love sleeping in, but to me, sleeping in is like 10am, not 2. I don’t exactly care when I sleep as long as I get a lot of it.

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Your Questions:

1)      Do you like getting flowers? Why or why not? If not, is there something you’d like to get instead (perhaps from an admirer)?

2)      Would you rather see a play or go to the movies?

3)      Do you work right now? How do you like your job?

4)      How do you take your coffee/tea?

5)      What’s a quality you like about your face?

6)      What’s a skill you have that you’re really proud of?

7)      Do you have a favorite kind of donut? Please say yes. What is it?

8)      What kind of cake do you have on your birthday?

9)      If you could move to any fictional world/setting, where would it be?

10)   If you had the choice between speaking every language and being able to fly, what would you pick?

11)   Do you cook? Do you have a specialty dish?


Side by Side.


Regramming from @instagranph because this is EXACTLY what I needed to cheer up my Monday. Hello! #mancrushmonday #mcm #nph

Regramming from @instagranph because this is EXACTLY what I needed to cheer up my Monday. Hello! #mancrushmonday #mcm #nph


That made me laugh more than it should’ve  

Courtney Dove




Neil Patrick Harris &amp; Josh Radnor as Indiana Jones &amp; Mutt Williams



Neil Patrick Harris & Josh Radnor as Indiana Jones & Mutt Williams